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Hi I'm Ian Berry. Thank you for visiting my company’s website and the only place to get my Changing What’s Normal book with my compliments. You can also buy it! (see all the options below).

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Broadly speaking there are 3 kinds of people in the world; the happy being miserable, the happy being mediocre, and the happy being magnificent. My professional services will help you to have more people happy being magnificent.

Remove BS about people. Performance improvement automatically follows.

Since 1991 I have worked with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in more than 40 countries to create BS free workplaces. I research, write, speak, and provide mentoring programs and systems about removing BS, why and how performance improvement automatically follows, and thriving on the challenges of change.

Should my personal manifesto resonate with you then we should explore joining forces.

“Ian Berry has worked with us since 1995. Ian is a remarkable man for whom I have the highest respect.”
--- Danny Walsh, Director HR Bombardier Transportation

If any one of the vital signs below is missing at your workplace I can help. Please contact me.

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While I enjoy reading books in various ways I still prefer the feel of a book in my hands. If you do too then you can buy a signed copy of my book here

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Bravo! Your book is wonderful, easy, fun, empowering, clear, directive, connective, difference making and, bottom line, amazing! Everyone should read it and start up a group to practice its great ideas. It has a fresh, new, wonderful style that I have not seen in other business books. I enjoyed every page of it!
--- Melissa Giovagnoli-Wilson, Chief Publishing Officer, Networlding Publishing

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